Audiovisual content is everywhere on the web. Yet to reach a wider audience it also needs to be available in more than one language. So having the most innovative tools and a talented team, such as the ones Aadimatiq provides, ensures that your product or service’s message gets to your audience as efficiently as possible.

Content audiovisual creation and translation

Mastering the content audiovisual production and translation process is thus essential for online success. Apart from what you say, the way you say it is also critical to stand out from other messages. This means you need to be crystal clear about how you want to address your customers. Here we share a few tips to enable you to do just that.

Translate audiovisual content into more than one language

Even when your texts or videos are aimed at a specific audience, translating their content will expand your potential market. You can translate audiovisual content in several ways. You can dub the voices, which means you’ll need voice talents apart from translating the text, or alternatively you can subtitle them. There are also other options including voiceover, where an off-screen voice speaks over the original which is heard in the background, and half-dubbing which is simultaneous interpretation at the time of broadcast.

Tailor your message to online

When writing any text, besides your target audience you also need to factor in the channel through which it’s delivered. We’ve got used to direct, fragmented language on the Internet and so audiovisual content has to be moulded to fit in with this approach. Aadimatiq’s vision is based on carefully studying the customer’s needs to get the most appropriate version of their message in the target language and ensure it reaches its intended audience in the best way as possible.

Localise your message

It’s additionally crucial to shape your message to your new target culture. Audiovisual products have to be localised to make certain that new audiences can fully understand them. Sometimes it’s just the layout of the text as in Arabic or Japanese, but on occasions the content needs to be slightly altered to allow people from other cultures to grasp it completely.

Get your message out to more people

Likewise, a good SEO strategy is paramount. To gain more visibility in search engines in other countries, you’ll have to translate all SEO elements such as metadata and descriptions.


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