You might have wondered how to translate a mobile app. Here are eight handy tips for getting it right. However, we always recommend you think about hiring a professional translator to translate your app if you want to make sure you end up with the quality you need.

1. Don’t use complicated words

Bear in mind that everyone should be able to understand the translation of a general mobile app regardless of level of knowledge. So steer clear of making the language unnecessarily complicated with words which are overly difficult for the app.

2. Be brief; less is more

The translation should make it straightforward to quickly scan the textual elements. Likewise, don’t use too many concepts in the same text.

3. Avoid nominalisations

When translating from English, people often leave nominal structures as they are instead of using verbs which are easier to understand in Spanish. This can happen all too often so keep it in mind when going over your translations.

4. Start with the purpose of a sentence

When a sentence describes a goal and the action needed to achieve it, it’s better to follow the logical flow of stating this goal first and then explaining how to accomplish it rather than the other way around. This is very common in tutorials and help texts and is especially noticeable in long sentences. Although it might seem the same, it’s easier to cope with this logical order.

5. Be mindful of context

Make sure to translate the app’s texts in the appropriate context. For instance, the term login may have a different meaning in different contexts.

6. Use inclusive language

Society is progressing and nowadays it’s essential to use inclusive language whenever possible. Equally, there’s no need to go over the top and employ convoluted phrases which end up being incomprehensible. Nevertheless, in most cases, at least in the typical language of mobile apps, there is usually a neutral, simple and effective solution. For example: “Welcome to your account”.

7. Try the app out after translating it

After translating the app, be sure to try it out to check everything is working properly.

8. Keep it up to date

Remember to keep the app up to date to ensure it is always available to your audience.