It is most likely that at some point in your professional or personal life you have needed to hire the services of a professional translation company. It might have been for any of a number of reasons such as getting a business website, an official document or the results of a report or research translated, simultaneous interpretation at an event or something else.

Once you have realised you need a translation, in most cases you will usually ask someone you trust or search online. If you search online, you will in all probability intuitively choose the company which seems most professional to you. However, it may be that you are not entirely sure about whether you have made the right decision.

In today’s post we would like to outline the five most important things to bear in mind when entrusting the translations you need to a professional translation company:

  • Experience. We think this is one of the key points. Operating with a company that has a great deal of experience in translation guarantees the quality of the work delivered, as this experience means they can gauge the best procedure for getting the finest translation.
  • Deadlines and commitment. A trustworthy company talks to you about a deadline and meets it because of its commitment to its customer. So it is important that they offer fast but also reasonable turnaround times, as this means the professional who handles your translation has the right amount of time to do their job properly.
  • The price. This is something people often pay too much heed to. The fact is that a good translation team has to charge a fair price for its work. It is essential to ensure that the company you hire is working with market prices, but also that they are not too low. An overly cheap price is not a guarantee of the quality of the service, and a poor translation may have numerous ramifications so that what at first seems to be cheaper ends up being more expensive.
  • Areas of specialisation. In several previous posts we have mentioned the importance of the professional translator being familiar with the area the translation is in. For example, in the case of medical or scientific translations, it is crucial that the translator understands what they are talking about.
  • Large team. It is important that the company you hire works with a large team of professionals. This means they will always be able to deliver premium quality service and the most appropriate translation to meet your specific translation need.


So if you are looking at a number of different professional companies to commission your translation from, keep these five essentials in mind.

Here at AAdimatiq we know exactly what our customers need and this is where the professionalism and excellence of our translations comes in. We are aware of and see to all these factors because we appreciate the importance of what we do.