Just a few weeks ago, our blog discussed scientific translations and the factors that have to be borne in mind when tackling them. In that post, we said that scientific translation is a very delicate kind of translation in which the expert doing the translation has to be capable of interpreting in the meaning of all the words and therefore has to have broad knowledge of the topic being discussed.

If there’s one dominant language in the world of science, it’s English. Anyone who wants to work in research has to have a high level of this language. However, that in itself isn’t enough. We often have to work with other countries where other languages are spoken, and here the translator’s role becomes essential.

There are different scenarios related to the field of research in which you may need the services of a professional translation company:

  • Dissemination. This is needed when you have to translate the results of an experiment, for example, and they need to be disseminated to the entire scientific community. In this case, the role of the expert translator is extremely important, since the information has to reach as far as possible without any language barriers.


  • Simultaneous interpretation. In a lecture targeted at a group of experts, or even a streamed talk, you probably need the services of a company that provides simultaneous interpretation. Professional interpreters are experts with a strong mastery of both languages who are able to translate what the speaker is saying in real time.


  • Standard revision. You may have a sound mastery of English and have a text you need to share in this language. Even so, it’s always a good idea to enlist an expert translator to thoroughly revise it.


Regardless of your needs, translation in the field of research is the key to scientific advances. At Aadimatiq, we have extensive experience offering expert services in this field.

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