It is becoming increasingly common to use machine translation systems. They are options which can help us to get by but in no case can they be used for real, professional or official translations.

Official translations are translations which have to be done very carefully and with a great deal of professionalism. Plus you have to bear in mind that a professional translation which is also certified is a kind of insurance policy which covers you against many problems which a poor translation may throw up in the future.

Can you picture a poorly translated food label? Or a medical report? Needless to say, there are many situations which call for certainty in the world of translations. This is why certified translations are so crucial. It is a kind of professional translation with legal validity which would be vouched for if there were a problem.


But is certified translation the same as legal translation?

No. Certified translations are often mixed up with legal translations, whereas in fact they are two different things.

Certified translation can be about absolutely any topic. It is used in particular for official documents but it can also take in hand anything which needs legal validity. Examples would include a degree certificate, the translation of a piece of work to be presented in a specific official place and even sensitive healthcare or food translations as mentioned above.

By contrast, legal translation is about translating texts used in legal settings.


Who can do a certified translation?

Keep in mind that a certified translation is one which comes with a stamp confirming that it has been done by a certified translator. To become a certified translator, a translator has to pass an official exam set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation’s Interpretation Office.

So it is very important to grasp that a certified translation is something that is done with utmost validity and is recommended for any topic which is legally sensitive or calls for official validity. This kind of translation can only be done by translators who have been certified by the Spanish government.

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