We are constantly consuming multimedia content whether in the shape of series, cartoons or videogames. However, we don’t know much about all the stages and all the professionals involved in the process of bringing this content to our country’s screens. This would be the case, for instance, with videogames, a market that is constantly growing and which, in spite of the current circumstances, has once again proven to be a booming one. There’s no doubt that many of you will have played videogames in one way or another on your computer, mobile phone or on a console.

Dozens of professionals take part in the process of making a videogame: a team of scriptwriters, illustrators, multimedia engineers, etc. However, videogames additionally have an international reach from the moment they begin to be developed. This means the role of a translator is crucial right from the very outset of this process.

Translators specialising in multimedia and videogame translation

These translators, specialists in translating videogames, are tasked with translating and localising the dialogues for the entire videogame. Nevertheless, their job is not restricted to just that since there are also the help texts, the game settings and the menu. Plus at some point an interpreter may well be needed, especially when deciding on the script or conveying the briefing to teams around the world.

Furthermore, support material is also often produced which will enable the player to progress through the videogame: these are the famous guides and usually have to be translated by the same team that does all the translating. As you might imagine, there cannot be any inconsistencies in all the documentation generated at the launch of the videogame.

So finding professionals who have extensive experience in this whole environment is quite a challenge. However, at Aadimatiq our more than 35 years of experience means we have translators specialising in multimedia translation which enables us to offer this service in videogame translation.

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