Advertising translation is thriving at present. Marketing, a creative and constantly innovating industry, is a means of communication which uses persuasion to connect with its target audience. Selling a product or service calls for a carefully crafted strategy.

In a globalised world, companies can achieve international reach via a process of expansion abroad that is carried out as a team and in which speaking other languages is essential. So it is worth stressing the role of advertising translation. Translating a corporate blog, for example, yields outstanding results.

Tailoring content to convey the information

The translation has to accurately reflect the original information, i.e. it must show a product in an eye-catching way and use language which connects with the end customer. It also has to drive sales. Equally, an advertisement needs to get across the same emotions and feelings as in the original.

Accordingly, a specialist translator performs a complex task which goes beyond the choice of words and tone. They also have to analyse the cultural environment since the message has to be framed in a new setting. Not only does the context change, but there may also be some differences in the motivations and lifestyles of potential customers.

The details have to be honed and appropriate changes need to be made so that the content performs its essential purpose. In short, the translator’s work is crucial in ensuring a marketing action accomplishes its goal in a different place. As a result the company gets to raise its profile because it connects with new customers.

Advertising translation is part of the creative process

When monitoring a marketing campaign, the initial budget needs to be scrutinised and it is imperative not to leave any issues open to improvisation. The translator’s work is pivotal in an advertising project with an international approach. The translation process is thorough, precise and creative.

The translated content needs to have the same value as the original. It should be borne in mind that mistakes made here have a direct impact on the company’s image. A word that has a negative meaning or an inappropriate expression can significantly alter the text as a whole. A good translation, by contrast, brings trust, approachability and professionalism. It communicates information clearly and directly addresses its target. So translating involves more than searching for literal meaning as it is critical to examine the cultural context and the twists and turns of language.

Advertising translation is crucial for companies, businesses and shops and also for creatives who seek to communicate a value proposition in an international setting. Get in touch with our team to learn more about the translation services we deliver at AADIMATIQ.