Today, in the digital age, it is essential to have a solid presence on the Internet to ensure the survival and growth of any company. A good online communication strategy is necessary to avoid becoming phased out and distancing oneself from the competition, as well as to meet the demands of an increasingly digitalised public.

The basis of this online presence is, without a doubt, a website, which is a shop window for the company’s image. To position a brand on the cloud there are other tools, such as the social networks or corporate blogs, which are closer and more direct communication alternatives to a website. Most modern businesses have accounts on the main social platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook, but not all brands have a corporate blog on their website.

A corporate blog with top-quality updated content is an important feature to boost a company’s communication strategy and to obtain a suitable online presence.

One of the main advantages of a corporate blog is the direct contact with the consumer.  A more familiar language can be used and direct interaction can be created through the comments. Through this closeness, the company becomes humanised and people find out about it in a much less intrusive way than through traditional advertising.

Corporate blogs give companies the opportunity to present themselves as experts in their field, to share knowledge and create prepared content that can rapidly go viral through the social networks. In this way, customer loyalty is created and the scope of the company’s visibility is boosted.

It is very important to highlight the effect of a top-quality corporate blog on a company website’s SEO positioning (Search Engine Optimisation). By generating up-to-date, interesting, periodical content, traffic is generated towards the website and the possibilities of appearing with a good position in search engines is increased. To do this, it is highly useful to make the most of practices such as using keywords or meta tags, as well as link building. The latter is based on the PageRank, a ranking of 0 to 10 that Google gives each website, depending on the number of links that go in and if they come from other similar pages with a high PageRank.

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