There are many reasons to have a translation done by a professional. The most important one is that it means you get a high quality text. While it’s true that nowadays you can also use machine translation, here we’d like to take a closer look at the points which make it a good idea to choose a specialised service.

1. Maintaining the quality of the original text

It’s essential that the translation is faithful to the information available in a text in another language. The translation retains the diversity of nuances of the original without slipping into the errors resulting from a literal interpretation of every word. The meaning of a concept should also be related to its cultural context. An expert fully understands the various turns of phrase and puns used in each language.

2. Maintaining confidentiality

The content of many documents calls for special care, and professional translation comes with the added bonus of confidentiality. Data has to be kept and stored in a safe place throughout the whole process. Plus, the customer can stay closely in touch with the professional they have hired.

All the details of the project are set out in the contract signed by both sides. The contract gives the customer confidence and means they can be sure that the document will be ready on time. Any questions they have can be cleared up with the expert.

3. Text clarity enhances reading comprehension

A professional result has a positive impact on the reading experience, as the flow of the text makes it easier to understand. A professional works intensively on a translation and hones it through attention to detail.

A machine translation, by contrast, is available immediately. And it may be that at particular times you could do with this kind of help to answer simple queries. Yet when the translation is a business or professional one, you really do need to hire an expert. The translator works on the text in depth: they spend time on it and can carry out any changes or checks as may be required. There should be no terms which might be misleading.

4. Guaranteed on-time delivery

The translation is delivered on time. A professional service means that there are no last-minute unforeseen hiccups. That way the customer can attend to other aspects of their schedule while entrusting such an important issue to a qualified specialist: an expert with training, knowledge and experience in languages who is also service-oriented.

For all these reasons, hiring a specialised translation service is an excellent choice when dealing with a wide range of texts such as a contract or a research article. The translated text is consistent from start to finish. Contact us to find out more about our services!