A few months ago we talked about scientific, medical and pharmacological translations in this article. There, we highlighted how these kinds of translations play an extremely important role in our society. Sometimes it’s hard to know when you need to request a scientific translation, and that’s exactly why we want to discuss it in our blog.


First off… What sectors are going to read it the most?

At first you may think that only a handful of sectors would need a translation of this kind, but actually there is a wide range of sectors and situations where scientific translations are in order, such as nanotechnology, telecommunications, medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. Yet the textile, sport or even automotive sectors, along with many others, might also benefit from scientific translations. What they all have in common is that at a given time, they may need translations of specific terminology from their sector and from the more specialised or scientific part of them. Plus, companies in these sectors are often involved in internationalisation. So, if you work in them, at some point you may need to hire a translation service that specialises in the sciences.


Scientific translation and different situations.  

When we think about translation, we often only think about document translation services. However, the world of translation is much broader, and so is the range of services offered in scientific-technical translation. Here are a few examples:

  • Simultaneous scientific interpretation. You may be planning a videoconference or a face-to-face conference with different experts and need what they say to be clearly understood in order for the project to move ahead successfully.
  • Translation of informative texts. In this case, your goal is to make a given document available to the scientific community, so you need a translator with a professional scientific background to write this document.
  • Sworn translation. You may need to translate an official document in order to move forward with the paperwork for a project.


We at Aadimatiq can offer all these and other services related to the field of scientific translation. Please check our services and contact us.