The world of translation and interpreting is expanding day by day to cater for the new needs of users of language services. The swift advance of new technology and the information society has enabled us to communicate with an ever-growing reach and no geographical restrictions.

There are interpretation services for live translation, but in some situations we need to go one step further. Simultaneous interpretation subtitled in real time is an innovative option which makes it possible to translate two languages all at once. This system calls for specialised staging and several perfectly synchronised professionals to get an ideal outcome. This media deployment means we can reach an equal and at the same time much wider audience without interrupting or extending the presentation or the speech.

AADIMATIQ is a pioneer in the provision of this service with its participation at the Official Presentation of the Language Model of the Educational System in Catalonia: a model of multilingual and intercultural education by the Ministry of Education on 23 October. This time round and with the added factor of the language theme, it was crucial to deliver a subtitled simultaneous interpretation service up to the high standards set by the event. The combination of interpretation and subtitling made it possible to provide total coverage of the presentation in Spanish, Catalan and English in real time and this meant the occasion was a resounding success.

AADIMATIQ’s hub focuses on R&D and constantly upgrading our services to be at the forefront of technology. We continue to lead and set the standard in the sector.