The translation of economic and financial reports is a very specific service that requires the expertise of specialists in this field and, it goes without saying, must be done following rules of strict professionalism. AADIMATIQ is a team with experience in translating financial or economic reports.

We know that this type of translation is highly specific, and it’s not always easy to know when exactly they should be used. For this reason, this article focuses on this kind of project, so you can have all the information you need on them.

What is our translation service of economic and financial reports?

Within the different translation services that we make available to our current and future clients, there is a very specific group related to financial and economic reports. It is a service in which documents are translated from one language to another, but bearing two essential points in mind:

  • The technical economic language used in both the original language and the language into which the document is being translated.
  • The accuracy of the figures, operations and examples included in each document.

Precisely for this reason, it is essential to only work with professionals like us who bear these factors in mind. Plus, we also offer the possibility of sworn translations that are legally valid.

The types of translation we offer

Logically, not all translations of financial or economic reports are the same. We understand that each one is different, and each person’s needs are different and may vary according to the situation. Therefore, we offer the following kinds of translations:

  • Direct translation: This is the translation of a document from a foreign language into a national (official or co-official) language, such as from German into Spanish.
  • Inverse translation: This is the translation of a document from a national language into a foreign language, such as from Spanish into German.
  • Cross-translation: These are translations between two international languages, such as from English to German.

In conclusion, the translation of economic and financial reports is a highly specialised service that requires the talents of experts. In this sense, we encourage you to contact us whenever you need our services, as we always guarantee professional, economical, quick results that are, most importantly, fully satisfactory for clients who needs all kinds of translations, including technical ones.