Nowadays there are numerous new developments in many fields which call for a proficient and reliable translation service. For example, we are sometimes asked to translate very specific cases of legal, technology or medical texts.

This is why experienced specialists are needed who can deliver outstanding service while also providing insights into new discoveries so that people from other countries can gain access to this information.

The importance of scientific translation in today’s society

The main purpose of scientific translation is to interpret texts in academic fields which may often be somewhat complex. So technical knowledge of the subject is critical in order to be able to understand it and provide accurate, truthful and consistent information.

This kind of translation encompasses a large number of fields such as medicine, pharmacy, biology, chemistry and physics. In all of them, it is essential to translate terminology as accurately as possible and, of course, not to make any linguistic mistakes.

There is no doubt that translating a language is by no means easy as there are a number of cultural and local factors which have to be borne in mind. Hence it is handy to know what kinds of mistakes might be made in these translations.

  • If you use machine translation, the most common thing is to get the syntax wrong.
  • Literal translations lead to significant errors. In fact, a translator who does not understand the content will often do it this way.
  • Transcription of verb tenses may also generate mistakes.

Why hire a specialist for a scientific translation?

There are a large number of institutions and professionals involved in science and research. Obviously, these organisations need to internationalise their business and services. To do this, they will have to call upon the services of a professional translation agency.

Furthermore, some key aspects (legal documents, hiring staff, patent agreements, etc.) need to be properly understood in order to fill in the documents correctly or to conclude a deal successfully.

A professional service can convey a message clearly and accurately which will save you a lot of trouble. Some people think that a machine translator can cater for these needs, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, a company might well lose credibility and undermine its image if it does not deliver an accurate translation.

In short, scientific translation plays a key role in many aspects of our lives. Only a specialised agency will be able to address this need which calls for high standards and appropriate handling of the original text. For more information, please visit our website.