Occupational health boosts productivity

By 14 July, 2019 January 29th, 2020 No Comments

There are 24 hours in a day and human beings spend an average of between 9 and 13 hours a day sitting down; while we eat, when we travel around, in our leisure time and most of all at work.

In the 21st century there are more and more jobs which involve sitting on a chair for a long time, and even if we are healthy and do sport every day this position impacts our entire musculoskeletal system. Spending a large number of hours sitting in the same position can cause lower back, neck or shoulder pain or discomfort all the way up the back.

Your posture should be with a straight spine and positioning the base of your trunk as far back in your chair as possible. That way you can use the backrest correctly and your back is fully supported by it, thus helping you to keep an upright posture. The screen you use should be at eye level so as not to force your neck when looking at it.

It is recommended that you do eye exercises every hour or so, such as looking away from the screen or making eye movements to rest your gaze. You should do the same with your body: get up every hour to get it moving and do some stretching before sitting down again.

One of the resources which are also handy to use are inflatable rubber balls to keep your body on the go. As the base is soft, the spine does not impact on a rigid surface but can maintain its natural curvature and not remain tense due to its unstable surface. This also helps you to stay in a correct position to be properly on top of the ball. At the same time, you can move your whole body, activating each vertebra and exercising your core (all the muscle area that surrounds your body’s centre of gravity) as that means you stimulate and strengthen it without realising it.

At AADIMATIQ we give employees the chance to sit wherever they want, but we always recommend changing over the course of the day to promote physical health. We provide inflatable balls in various sizes because the type of ball will vary depending on each person’s weight and height.

Your health is also the outcome of your performance and happiness at work.