In 2019 AADIMATIQ is celebrating its 35th anniversary in the translation and interpretation business. Over the course of this long journey the company has earned the trust of its customers and translators alike and been one of the pioneers in the industry in terms of services and technology. However, although AADIMATIQ is now firmly established in the sector, the beginnings of this translation firm were not always easy.

In 1984 the situation in Spain was very different from what it is today. The country was starting out on its first attempts to get closer to Europe while society was in turmoil due to the recent switch to democracy and high unemployment rates. It was a time of change and innovation in Spain, technologies that would be here to stay tentatively began to emerge, and a huge process of modernisation, internationalisation and economic and social opening towards the European Union was about to commence. Openness to the world brought with it new needs in numerous sectors, a greater reach for the voices of companies and individuals and the crossing of language barriers.

Anticipating fledgling globalisation and the growing urgency of learning new languages, in 1984 Rosa Jové, CEO of AADIMATIQ, decided to set up a new company on her own that would provide a solution to these new needs of Catalan and Spanish society. It was not easy for a young woman in the mid-1980s to devise and embark on such an ambitious plan on her own, but with hard work and perseverance in 1986 IDEX opened its doors, a language school in Sant Just Desvern which years later would become AADIMATIQ, the translation firm we know today.

This language school was a starting point for learning about the needs and requirements of the language sector and for making the first contacts which would later on enable it to become a translation company. With the ambition to evolve and expand, in 1996 the language school moved to Barcelona and was turned into a translation company so as to cover a much wider and steadily growing market.


Ever since we opened, here at AADIMATIQ we have sought the highest quality in our services, complete customer satisfaction and constant innovation, expansion and adjustment to a world that is increasingly technological, connected and changing.