In the world of communication and in addition to the content of the text, it is increasingly important to have visual media such as images, graphics or a very visual graphic line. That means it is crucial to have a professional editing and layout department with extensive knowledge of editing tools to cater for and deliver solutions to all types of graphic requirements.

There is a wide range of editable formats you need to know how to handle including Word, PDF, Power Point, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Although it might seem easy and editing often goes unnoticed, it is a crucial part of a project’s final success and excellence. Unfortunately not all translation companies do much in this area which is why it is essential to have an experienced team which can respond to any need or eventuality, whether that be amending a document or even editing its graphic appearance from scratch.

Sometimes customers have the final outcome they want but not in an editable file, so we have to reproduce the look of the original file step by step in the final translation. This involves recreating the entire design using the original as a guide.

Here at AADIMATIQ we use the following process in all our translations:

  • Receiving the original file: we get the original file and briefly examine its current condition.
  • Preparation: an editor who is a layout expert gets the document ready if it has to be laid out so as to extract the text to be translated.
  • Translation: the document is sent in text format to the translator so that the translation can be done more easily.
  • Review: a copyeditor reviews the translation to ensure its linguistic quality.
  • Editing: the editor who is a layout expert carefully puts the original document together again with its translation.
  • Quality review: the production and quality department conducts a final review of the formatting and text of the translation.
  • Delivery.


Our editing and design  experts handle each case to deliver accurate and premium quality translation and layout outcomes.