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First, a language audit consists in conducting an in-depth analysis to ascertain the way the company, organisation or institution communicates. The language that we use to share information is the best instrument to convince our ideal client. If the receiver gets coherent information, they will be more likely to listen to our message and start a conversation.

One key principle in all companies is the importance of language. All the members should communicate by conveying the company’s philosophy, always bearing in mind the language that identifies us.

It is recommendable for all companies to have a communication plan that extends to all members. With the language audit service, we create defined lines of work and gain traceability in business management. This traceability can be used so that all the members of our corporation know what we want to convey and the best way to do so.

To ensure good traceability in business management, it is essential to know how to improve the way we convey messages and reach our client. The purpose of a language audit is to determine and compare the language which is currently being used with which should be implemented, and to plan the avenues of improvement. A language audit aims to adapt the organisation’s communication, prepare all the staff linguistically and improve the results.

For this reason, it is essential to perform a language audit to outline a communication plan that takes into account the definition of the corporate identity and the image of that company wants to convey. Having and implementing a communication plan and having a specialised translation is one of the most important strategies for an organisation and helps it to become a benchmark in the sector.