In today’s globalised world, translation plays a crucial role in intercultural communication. Two main approaches are machine translation and human translation. What are the key differences between these two methods? Here we explore their distinctive features and when it’s better to choose one or the other.

Accuracy and context: human translation

Human translation stands out for its ability to grasp and convey the context and cultural subtleties of a language. Human translators can interpret tone, mood and cultural references, yielding a more accurate and natural translation. This is pivotal in legal documents, marketing and literature where precise meaning is essential.

Speed and volume: machine translation

Meanwhile, machine translation taps algorithms and artificial intelligence systems to quickly translate large volumes of text. It’s especially handy for instant translations in chats or emails. However, machine translation doesn’t usually deliver the quality and context which a human translator can provide.

Lower costs: machine translation

Machine translation is generally cheaper as it doesn’t call for the time and resources of a human translator. This makes it appealing for translating bulk content such as websites or lengthy technical documents. Nonetheless, the results may have to be proofread and edited to ensure they are accurate and consistent.

When to choose each approach

Whether you pick machine or human translation is down to your specific needs. Human translation is the obvious choice for texts which are formal, creative or call for a high degree of accuracy such as legal contracts or marketing materials. By contrast, machine translation may well be fine for swift translations of general content or in informal conversations.

In a nutshell, machine translation is fast and cheap but doesn’t have the accuracy and context of human translation. The choice depends on content and purpose. Think about the importance of quality and context when selecting the translation method best suited to your needs.


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