Computer-assisted translation and its advantages

One of the most useful translation tools for a customer who asks for our translation service is computer-assisted translation (CAT), although not everyone is aware of its benefits and everything it can offer.

First of all it is important not to think of CAT as being like machine translation as they have little in common. [...]

Sworn translations, a world waiting to be discovered

Today, sworn translations are one of the types of translation requested the most frequently by both private users and companies, and they are a concept with which many individuals and companies should become familiar.

First of all, it is essential to distinguish between legal translation and sworn translation, given that these two services differ considerably. [...]

Multilingualism; a key factor in business growth

Nowadays, and increasingly more commonly, companies are opting to expand which means they have to use a number of languages. Usage or mastery of different languages is called multilingualism and it undoubtedly has many advantages when it comes to expanding or promoting a business.

The key thing in driving and supporting a company’s growth [...]



Our 3 wishes are:

1. To continue partnering the multilingual communication of your companies

2. To help those who need to grow internationally

3. A successful year for everyone

We are what we publish

Green light for online writing

In the digital age, anyone who has a computer or a mobile device starts writing. That is without doubt extremely positive. However, as content creation is now available to all and diversifying, it may well be that what we write on one platform ends up being posted on another and [...]